Guidance Financial Group was established in 2000 as a leading edge, global firm to create, develop and manage financial services companies and investment products for institutional investors.

An additional part of our purpose is to address large unmet needs among consumers for modern Shariah-compliant financial products and services, and among institutional investors for quality Shariah-compliant, alternative investment products.

The company was formed as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Capital Guidance to
extend the parent company’s resources and expertise into the rapidly expanding Islamic Finance field. Capital Guidance has approximately 1,900 employees and a nearly 50-year history as a strategic and long-term investor in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and North America.

We have achieved notable success in advancing our objectives. In the real estate and hospitality field, Guidance created the new Shaza Hotels luxury brand of hotels in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe in a joint venture with Kempinski Hotels. Two hotels have opened and six additional hotels are under development and scheduled to welcome guests within the next four years.

We formed Guidance Residential as a new subsidiary company in 2001 to provide Shariah-compliant mortgages to families in the United States. Guidance Residential is now the largest provider of such mortgages in the United States, having originated more than $2 billion in home finance contracts.

In 2008, Guidance Financial Group formed Dar Al Tamleek to offer home mortgage contracts to families in Saudi Arabia. The company has quickly become the market leader in home financing in that country.

Guidance has launched nine Shariah-compliant international investment funds in the fields of private equity, real estate, and fixed income, working independently and in partnership with leading international strategic partners.

Guidance-associated entities have attracted more than $700 million in private investment from global institutional investors since its inception.