Real Estate

Guidance’s parent, Capital Guidance, has amassed more than 25-years of experience and expertise in the real estate sector, mainly in the United States. This includes over $5 billion of investments in 110 properties in North America, the MENA region and Asia. These include office towers, single and multiple family residences, retail, industrial, medical, and mixed-use properties. Capital Guidance established four operating companies, of which Madison Marquette is the primary current vehicle. Madison Marquette specializes in urban retail and mixed-use investments in gateway cities. Their extensive experience, learning and judgment influence our approach to the origination of new real estate investment solutions. Guidance Financial Group has created two operating real estate funds with strategic partners.

We believe there is an outstanding opportunity for establishing a Southeast Asia industrial and retail real estate investment program primarily focused in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. We have engaged in intensive research and development to develop such a program and will provide investors with a current yield and an ability to share in the growth of these dynamic economies. In addition, we are exploring opportunities to create similar real estate investment opportunities in developed markets, including the United States and the United Kingdom.