Navis Capital Partners

Creating New Funds for Institutional Investors

An important part of our corporate mission is to create new Shariah-compliant investment opportunities to meet the portfolio needs of institutional investors. There is a particular shortage of such opportunities in the asset classes of private equity, real estate and fixed income and these classes are the ongoing focus of our solutions.

While a great many conventional investment funds are available, few are both Shariah compliant and suitable for institutional investors. Guidance Financial Group began working with investment fund managers soon after our company was founded. One of the first was Navis Capital Partners, which was a relatively new company when we began collaborating with them. Our approach was to adapt conventional investment funds into parallel Shariah-compliant funds that would meet the needs of our investment partners.

Navis was formed by a group of former Boston Consulting Group management consultants who specialized in Asian markets. The company is a Malaysian based private equity group with deep knowledge of Asian companies and economies. Our relationship was initiated by Dr. Hasnita Hashim, CEO of Guidance Investments. Dr. Hashim, who is based in Kuala Lumpur, is a pioneer in Islamic Finance and participated in the development of some of the first Islamic Finance bonds issued by the Malaysian government.

We helped back Navis early in their history, consulted with them about the requirements of Shariah Law, helped them structure Shariah-compliant funds that were parallel versions of their conventional funds, invested in their Shariah-compliant funds, and introduced these funds to Islamic institutional investors. Navis is now a large, respected and successful international fund manager. They have completed more controlled buyouts in Asia than any of their peers and retain an extensive and loyal backing from local investors.

Guidance Financial Group has been a strategic partner with Navis in the development and issuance of five private equity funds, beginning in 2003 with a parallel Shariah compliant buyout fund that invests in companies in Southeast Asia. Similar funds were launched primarily, in Southeast Asia in 2005, 2007 and 2010, with one of the 2007 funds including public as well as private equities. All of these funds are now closed to new investors.