Guidance Investments

Guidance Investments is the investment management and capital markets arm of Guidance Financial Group responsible for creating and managing a broad range of investment products that meet the needs of institutional investors.

Guidance specializes in high quality, alternative investment solutions in three major asset classes: private equity, real estate, and fixed income. We apply considerable product development and structuring expertise to create solutions across the investment risk/reward spectrum, with fixed income typically offering lowest risk and lowest return and private equity typically offering highest risk and return. We have developed relationships with a critical mass of more than 200 institutional investors, most of whom face a dire shortage of suitable Shariah-compliant investment products in our targeted asset classes.

Guidance Investment’s expertise, creativity, flexibility and strategic global partnerships allow us to construct different financial structures for our investment products in each asset class to meet precise client investment objectives. These investment products are centered in attractive emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa and the developed markets of the United States and Europe. In addition, we provide our financial and Shariah structuring expertise to corporate clients in GCC countries seeking to raise debt capital from Asian and other investors.

Guidance Investments has been a pioneer in creating cutting-edge, innovative investment solutions. As part of its pioneering accomplishments, Guidance conceived, developed, structured and raised capital for:

  • The first Shariah-compliant Asian private equity fund
  • The first Shariah-compliant China real estate development fund
  • The first Shariah-compliant Middle East and North Africa hospitality fund
  • The first Malaysian ringgit denominated sukuk issuance by a Saudi Arabian company

Guidance Investments has contributed to the creation of nine investment funds, diversified by date of formation, geographical market, asset class and structure.

Guidance Investments functions in four capacities with respect to its activities:

  • As a general partner/investment manager in creating and managing alternative investments under the Guidance brand
  • As an advisor and partner to conventional fund managers in creating and structuring Shariah-compliant funds that parallel their existing funds; attracting institutional capital for these funds; and assuring funds’ continued adherence to Shariah principles
  • As an advisor and arranger of sukuk issuances for GCC corporates seeking to access debt capital markets
  • As an independent Shariah advisor to third-party funds