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27 April 2016 Guidance Investments Attracts GCC Investors by Offering Stable Returns in High Growth Asean Markets

Dubai, 27 April 2016 – Guidance Investments, the investment management and capital markets arm of Guidance Financial Group, has confirmed that it is expecting a closure of 150-200 million dollars with its Fund focused on the logistics and industrial sectors, this year.

The Fund completed its first closure in Q4 2015 at USD 100 million, putting the fund in a strong position to hit its next target closure of USD 150 – 200 million in 2016 and an additional offering of USD 200 million in 2017.

The Fund focuses on logistics and industrial real estate in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. The structure of the Fund is designed to offer investors a stable stream of returns realized from annual rental income, in addition to benefiting from the increasing value of the properties over time and general economic growth in the these markets.

The fund’s investors in the first round included government-related institutions in South East Asia and the Gulf Region.

Guidance announced that GCC investors were interested in stable returns from investment funds.

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