Opportunities for Investors and Partners

Guidance Financial Group is a global company that creates high-quality investment and financial products and services tailored to the strategic goals of housing finance industry participants and the portfolio needs of institutional investors.

Guidance works with major financial organizations on a strategic partnership basis to develop, manage and promote principles-based investment products and solutions for institutional investors and participants in the housing finance industry.

In addition, Guidance offers advisory and placement services to companies seeking to expand their presence in the Islamic Finance field and attract funding from values-driven investors who prefer Shariah-compliant offerings.

Guidance also works with other faiths to advance their objectives for the development of values-based financial products that are in accord with their beliefs and principles.

Guidance retains substantial expertise and flexibility in financial structuring and operational management across various risk profiles and underlying asset classes.

Guidance specializes in creating private equity, real estate, and fixed income investment products for institutional investors and solutions for participants in the primary and secondary housing finance sectors.

Capabilities and Opportunities

Capabilities play an important role in the success of Guidance Financial Group in addressing the unmet needs of both institutional investors and consumers. They also enable Guidance to work with experienced and respected international fund managers as strategic partners to create new investment opportunities.

The great flexibility built into the operating structures used by Guidance Financial Group provides us with broad latitude for creating and managing unique, high-quality, investment products. This flexibility enables Guidance to tailor investment products to the needs of a group of institutional investors or to that of a specific institutional investor.

Guidance Investments presents continual opportunities for high-quality fund managers to join Guidance as strategic partners in creating and managing new Shariah-compliant investment funds.

Islamic Finance has grown at double-digit rates for the last two decades and is expected to continue as the fastest growing sector of the global financial field. Guidance and its partners are well-positioned to benefit from the anticipated expansion of the market for Shariah-compliant investment products and services that fill the vast unmet need for these products in housing finance and in the asset classes of private equity, real estate, fixed income.

We continually collaborate with our parent company, Capital Guidance, to create new investment products and services for institutional investors and with strategic partners participating in or wishing to participate in the Islamic Finance field.

In addition, we are always exploring opportunities in countries with large Muslim populations to create new operating companies and financial services and products that offer attractive equity investments for our clients and improved financial services for the people of the countries with which we engage.

Guidance’s investor network includes more than 200 institutional investors and benefits from the long association of many of these investors with Guidance Financial Group’s parent corporation, Capital Guidance.