Case Studies

The following four case studies illustrate Guidance Financial Group’sĀ capabilities for creating and managing successful Shariah-compliantĀ investment products and financial services.

To accomplish our goals and those of our clients, we bring ideas, financial resources, a solutions-based approach to complex structuring challenges, a mature multicultural management, cutting-edge knowledge of best practices, a deep understanding of Islamic Finance, and a distinguished Shariah Supervisory Board.

We are aided by the financial resources of our parent corporation, Capital Guidance, and its nearly 50-year experience in our targeted asset classes of private equity, real estate and fixed income. We frequently become a principal direct investor in the companies we create, in some instances in collaboration with widely respected strategic partners in the field of fund creation and management.

Collectively, these examples illustrate why the Guidance Financial Group brand has earned the trust of institutional investors, governments, strategic partners and consumers in the global market for values-based investment products and financial services.

The blue Guidance shield with its gold dot represents the protection of integrity and the promise of opportunity.