Additional Capabilities


Guidance Financial Group has assembled a global staff of 70 people with exceptional experience in Islamic Finance, economics, finance, and investment management. The Group is headed by Dr. Mohamad Hammour, Dr. Hasnita Hashim, Kal El Sayed, and Philippe Valleix, all of whom are widely respected in the industry. Their experience is presented in Management Biographies.

In addition, we draw on the extensive finance experience, management capabilities and financial resources of the 1,900 people who are part of our parent company, Capital Guidance.

Strategic Partners and Investor Network

We are strengthened by our collaboration with strategic partners, who are among the most knowledgeable and respected international financial companies and fund managers, and by our network of more than 200 institutional investors.

Shariah Supervisory Board

Guidance has worked closely with the same seven members of its Shariah Supervisory Board since our beginning in 2000. The Board is one of the most prestigious groups of Islamic scholars in the Islamic Finance field. It reviews all proposed Guidance business activities and investment products and audits them after their implementation to assure complete compliance with Shariah principles.