Shariah Advisory and Placement

In addition to creating investment products internally for institutional investors, Guidance Investments works with strategic partners to expand the range of investment products for these investors.

Guidance brings its financial expertise, extensive investor network, and decade-long experience working with its distinguished Shariah Supervisory Board to international fund managers and companies seeking to establish new Shariah-compliant funds and raise third-party capital from institutional investors.

Working hand-in-hand with its strategic partners, Guidance Investments advises fund managers in:

  1. Developing Islamic versions of their established funds
  2. Creating new Islamic funds in attractive markets of interest to Guidance’s clients
  3. Placing these funds with Guidance’s clients

Examples of third-party investment fund managers with whom Guidance Investments is working include Navis Capital Partners, CBRE Global Investors, and ATEL Capital Group. We helped these strategic partners make their investment products Shariah compliant and place their products with Islamic investors, and we continue to work with them in a Shariah Advisory capacity. In addition, Guidance consults with SBI Holdings (SBIH) and the Brunei Ministry of Finance in a Shariah Advisory capacity.