Product Development

Utilizing its global network of strategic partners and broad internal capabilities, Guidance creates and structures new, principled investment products and housing finance companies that meet the precise needs of an individual institutional investor or a wide group of investors. Guidance’s ability to provide tailored solutions in the housing finance industry and high quality investment products in its three, focused asset classes is perhaps unique in the international finance field.

For example, clients might specify a desire for an institutional quality investment in residential real estate in stable Chinese urban areas. Guidance can work with a strategic partner to create a fund that meets the clients’ investment parameters, or develop a management company that purchases and manages specific properties in those Chinese markets on behalf of investors.

We created the Guidance China Opportunity fund in 2006 for institutional investors, with CBRE Global Investors as our strategic partner. We are the Fund Manager and CBRE the Investment Manager for this targeted China real estate property fund.

An example of a mixed private equity and real estate investment product is Shaza Hotels, a new luxury brand of Shariah-compliant hotels that Guidance created in the Middle East and North Africa on behalf of an institutional investor.

Guidance also created Guidance Residential, which is now the largest provider of Shariah-compliant consumer and home finance in the United States, and Dar Al Tamleek, which has gained the largest market share of residential financing in Saudi Arabia.

Guidance has been a pioneer in developing cutting-edge innovative investment solutions. We developed and structured:

  1. The first Shariah-compliant Asian private equity fund
  2. The first Shariah-compliant China residential real estate fund
  3. The first Shariah-compliant Middle East and North Africa hospitality fund
  4. Housing Finance, United States: Guidance Residental
  5. Housing Finance, Saudi Arabia: Dar Al Tamleek

Guidance has contributed to the creation of nine investment funds, diversified by date of formation, geographical market, asset class and structure.