About Guidance Financial Group

Guidance Financial Group is one of the few organizations in the global financial arena to create operating businesses and investment solutions designed and structured to adhere to Shariah and other values-based principles for the conduct of business affairs.

Guidance’s investment products specifically meet the portfolio needs of institutional, sovereign and high-net-worth investors and help address the very limited number of high quality, Shariah-compliant private equity, real estate and fixed income investment opportunities available to such investors.

Guidance’s wholly-owned Guidance Investments was formed to originate and manage these products, which are conceived of and developed independently by the Guidance team or in collaboration with strategic partners.

Guidance Investments also offers Debt Capital Markets Advisory services to Gulf Region companies seeking to tap international capital markets using Shariah-compliant securities. We also provide Shariah Advisory and Placement services to fund managers and businesses seeking investment funding from Islamic institutional investors.

Our U.S. consumer finance company, Guidance Residential, specializes in providing mortgages and financial services to U.S. consumers, while our International Finance division offers housing finance and other financial services to underserved populations in emerging markets.

All Guidance and Guidance-partnered businesses and funds address attractive market opportunities in developed and emerging markets, many of which have large Islamic populations.

Guidance is a part of Capital Guidance, a private investment firm with nearly 50 years experience of direct investment in developed and emerging markets.


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